Virtual Reality: Take A Tour Of The 'Teen Wolf' World

You're cordially invited to visit Beacon Hills

A select few know what it's really like to step foot in the Teen Wolf world -- but soon enough, loyalists of the long-running lycanthrope series will get the opportunity to roam around the familiar sights in the well-known, supernatural-infested town.

In a series of special 360-degree videos unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con, fans can explore all of the most popular areas of Beacon Hills thanks to an activation using first-to-market, gaze-activated technology. From Mama McCall's place of work (aka BH Memorial Hospital) to the iconic high school library (you know, where this happened), you will feel as if you're actually on the MTV set along with a bunch of familiar faces. You better hang on, though, or else a Ghost Rider might come and get you...

Check out all of the clips below -- and be sure to stay with MTV News for more Teen Wolf updates before the series premieres on Tuesday, November 15!

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