David Archuleta To Appear On 'Hannah Montana'

Last year's 'American Idol' runner-up says Miley Cyrus was 'really cool to hang out with.'

[artist id="3080429"]David Archuleta[/artist], last year's [news id="1588037"]"American Idol" runner-up[/news], will be guest starring on [artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus[/artist]' hit Disney show, "Hannah Montana," sometime in the near future. Although the details surrounding his appearance -- including when it will air -- aren't concrete, he did share with his fans how enthusiastic he is about the opportunity.

Archuleta, who already filmed his guest stint, revealed on his blog that at first he was nervous to make an appearance on the show. "It was another thing I was really nervous about and wasn't really sure about at first," he said of the experience.

"Miley was a cool person to hang out with," Archuleta said, adding that "once I got there I had a great time! Everyone there was fun. She has a lot of energy and is really funny haha. Getting to watch how they rehearsed the scenes for the show was really cool too."

Although Archuleta admitted that he's never watched "Hannah Montana" before, he described the scenes he got to see taped as "funny." Archuleta previously did a guest spot on [article id="1596132"]Nickelodeon's "iCarly,"[/article] starring Miranda Cosgrove, where he appeared as himself. No word if he's playing himself on "Hannah Montana" as well.

"I think it'll be fun to see how the whole show runs [all together], because it was just cool to see how great of actors the other kids were," he said. Other than racking up cameo appearances on tween comedies, Archuleta will also be keeping busy this spring on a European tour.