7 Reasons You'll Love 'Big Hero 6' As Much As 'Frozen'

No singing, but equivalent feels.

It's been nearly a year since "Frozen" hit theaters, and while we're still not ready to "Let It Go," it's about time we added another movie to our adorable animated rotation. Lucky for moviegoers of all ages, "Big Hero 6" hits theaters this Friday. The first Marvel animated feature within the confines of the Mouse House is a successful first go, melding action, comedy, The Feels and a super-cuddly, super-cute inflatable robot. (We're predicting that there will soon be so many that the subcategory title will be as necessary as humanoid robots, zombies, etc.)

Here are seven reasons we think you should go see "Big Hero 6" this weekend.

1. It's like "Marvel's The Avengers," but less stressful. Be real: Nobody's going, "Oh, I want to relax, let's turn on 'Avengers'!" There's action aplenty in "Big Hero 6," but animated and toned down a few notches. It's funny and there's actual conflict, but, hey, one of the main characters is a big cuddly helper marshmallow robot thing. And there's 100 percent less worrying about Hulk's emotional stability.

2. It has that whole "Frozen" siblings thing going on, with a lesson. In a refreshing turn, "Big Hero 6" has zero romantic plotlines. Instead, the focus is on the relationship between siblings, and how people cope with grief and loss. Young Hiro -- already a longtime orphan -- is left adrift after the loss of his idolized older brother Tadashi early in the film. What follows is not only his epic battle with a masked bad guy, but a struggle to manage his anger and cope with his grief without shutting down. Warning: The uglycry potential here is high. Let's not even call it potential -- it's inevitable.

3. It's a step forward in diversity for Disney.

Hiro is being lauded as the first mixed-race protagonist in a Disney movie. Here's the best part: it's not really a thing. The movie takes place in fictional San Fransokyo, and Hiro appears to be half Japanese and half white, but it's never commented on. Ain't. No. Thang.

4. Baymax. Enough said.

We need a Baymax stuffed animal to hug immediately, if not sooner. Seriously. The kids are already on familiar terms with this weird robot from a somewhat under-the-radar Marvel property without even having seen the movie, and for good reason. He's cute, he's kind and he's everything that's right in the world, even if he doesn't understand the weird fart jokes he makes because he's a robot. Just trust us, even the most cynical and hard-hearted of moviegoers will fall in love with him.

5. About those fart jokes...

The movie's really funny, whether you're 5 or 50 years old. It doesn't rely on the side-eyed innuendos that some films throw in for their older audiences, and relies on straight up silliness and visual gags to get the job done. We only wish Baymax had been low on battery more often during the runtime, because it was comedic gold.

6. The villain is legit freaky

Though the bad guy is kinda sorta not the main point of the movie (really), this really puts a nail in the coffin of the theory that there's nothing creepier than a silent dude in a mask. He's also not very violent, he mostly Menaces (capital M necessary) and whooshes around on an also-freaky sea of tiny black robots. The visuals are gorgeous, but we certainly don't want that guy following us around, no matter how cool it looks.

7. It has a new Fall Out Boy song

If nothing else, you're about to find your new spin class jam. Fall Out Boy's "Immortals," produced specially for the movie's soundtrack, plays during the film's runtime. It's a handclappy delight.

"Big Hero 6" saves the world hits theaters November 7.

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