What Are These Two 'Zoey 101' Stars Working On Together?

Chase and Logan are shooting something ‘in the studio’

It’s been over a year since we watched Zoey 101’s Sean Flynn (Chase) and Christopher Massey (Michael) reunite to answer the long-awaited question of “What did Zoey say?” — concerning Zoey’s feelings about Chase on the time capsule episode.

Thankfully it looks like that won’t be the last we see of the Zoey 101 crew. Stars Flynn and Matthew Underwood (Logan) reunited “in the studio” over the weekend in Downtown Miami and apparently have something brewing.

Besides posting the above photo, Underwood shared a quick video of him and Flynn being total goofballs. “You’d all be pleased to know,” Underwood captioned, “clearly we haven't changed much. Day 2 in the studio.”

Massey, their former PCA roommate, commented on the vid, saying, "@mattunderwood miss you guys 🔥🔥🔥." Details about the project are currently scarce, but we can’t wait to see two of PCA's finest back together again.