Welcome To ‘Lady Problems’: An MTV Podcast That Calls Out Hollywood For Treating Women Like Trash

Please listen, then explain it to a man.

You heard the preview, now here's the official premiere episode of “Lady Problems,” a weekly podcast that takes pop culture to task for the way it treats women. Our first episode features the lovely Mara Wilson, who shares some amazing '90s child-star gossip and speaks movingly about what it was like to be a girl going through adolescence in an industry that refuses to let women age. Plus, co-hosts Teo Bugbee, Hazel Cills, and Rachel Handler talk about the times they've pursued vigilante justice after being mansplained; examine Louie C.K. as a problematic fave; and revisit the batshit-tastic film Birth, in which Nicole Kidman becomes convinced that a 10-year-old boy is her reincarnated dead husband.

Subscribe to “Lady Problems” on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or through the link below. Find me, Hazel, and Teo on Twitter and say hi, or call us up with your Lady Problems at 205-677-5239 (that’s 205-677-LADY; we worked really hard for that one!).

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