A Look Back At Amber And Ethan's Most Aww-Worthy Moments On 'Are You The One?'

We're retracing the romantic journey that ended with an engagement -- and a baby on the way!

When Amber and Ethan embarked on their "Are You the One?" journey nearly a year ago, neither knew how much their lives would change: The fan-favorite couple got engaged in epic fashion during a reunion special and now, they're gearing up for their upcoming roles as mom and dad.

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Fittingly, the adorable lovebirds -- as well as their fellow casties -- will come together to celebrate the wee one (who'll arrive in December) during a reunion/baby special airing on Monday, September 29. But before the whole gang gathers to fete Amber and Ethan, let's take a look back at their road to "I do" and parenthood:

The match-up


The couple hit it off during their early days in paradise, and their bond only solidified after Ethan and Jessica were a confirmed non-match in the truth booth. The Colorado native then picked the Texas beauty at the second match-up ceremony, leading to a pretty steady precedent of the duo calling each other out to be teammates during challenges...and couch buddies during formal evenings.

Their candid conversation

During the third episode, Ethan opened up to his crush about a frightening accident that nearly left him unable to walk. It became crystal clear that he and Amber's physical chemistry was flourishing, as well as their emotional connection.

PDA moments


Amber and Ethan snuck in a cuddle during a late-night party...


...and shared a sweet smooch.

A bump in the road

Blame it on living in a house with a bunch of twentysomethings, but the duo's relationship wasn't all smooth sailing. During the show's early days, there was an Amber-Adam flirtation, plus Kayla dished that she had shared a kiss with Ethan. The latter revelation opened a huge can of worms, with feelings hurt and tears shed. Regardless, Amber and Ethan were able to move past the hurdle, and their romance continued to blossom.

Team spirit


They didn't have their first getaway date until the very end, but they had lots of practice as partners thanks to the challenges. No matter how gross the task...

...or slimy the mission.

Going 10 for 10

They were the first to be locked in and appropriately sealed their selection with a lip-lock -- after Ethan declared he didn't need a truth booth to identify the girl for him. What a guy.

The proposal

No explanation needed, since Ethan said it so eloquently himself when he dropped to one knee and asked Amber to be his wife -- with a beautiful sparkler, of course.

And they'll live Happily. Ever. After.


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