Chromeo Admit They're The 'Outsiders' Of EDM

The Montreal electro-funk duo tell MTV News what it's like to be included in the world of dance music.

With reporting by Andrew Maclean

Miami, FLA. -- Basically, if you think of any big-name DJ, they're at Ultra Music Festival this weekend. Skrillex, Avicii, Afrojack, Tiesto -- you know these dudes with their intense, big-bass, throbbing, wompy, electric-charged anthems.

But then there's Chromeo, who shy away from the massive beat drops and the glitchy rhythms. Instead, they bring the funk with '70s synths, disco guitar, rubber-band bass and more of a focus on vocals, which are most likely falsetto.

So why is Chromeo -- two guys from Montreal -- smack dab in the middle of Ultra, arguably the most important dance music event of the year? The best answer is that they, well, make you want to dance. And isn't that the point?

When MTV News caught up with Dave 1 and P-Thugg before their scheduled Ultra set (which, sadly, was canceled by rain), they explained what it was like being invited to the festival.

"We have less at stake at Ultra because we're kind of outsiders here. Whatever happens, happens, right?" they told MTV News. Ironically, the rain blocked anything from happening, but that's not stopping Chromeo from spreading their music to the dance crowd. Two weeks earlier, they performed at San Diego's CRSSD Festival. "We play, we do our thing, and we see if kids want to get down with the funk. We're thrilled to be included in the EDM space anyway. It's just cool to be a part of it."

And, in a way, Chromeo has already collaborated with those big names. Their music has been remixed by a bunch of acts like Boys Noize, who's playing on Saturday (March 28).

"We kind of worked with a lot of these guys indirectly because our music always gets remixed by EDM guys," they said. "We just do our thing and it's different but all those guys love remixing our records."

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