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Trey Songz Stuns With A Gorgeous Cover Of David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars’

The song is featured on HBO's new drama <i>Vinyl</i>

Somewhat unbelievably, Trey Songz is the latest artist to pay homage to David Bowie. And though it sounds weird to even mention the late great and “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” in the same sentence, the R&B crooner has delivered a stunning rendition of “Life On Mars” that’s definitely worth a listen.

Recorded for HBO’s new record-industry drama Vinyl, Trey’s version is a bare-bones piano ballad -- and what it lacks in shredding guitars, it makes up for with his stunning, soaring vocals.

Trey told Complex that he was actually asked to record the song last summer, months before Bowie’s death at age 69.

“I was honored that the producers thought of such a legend and myself in the same breath,” he said. “I had to do what I do best, because icons like David paved the way. After learning of his passing I knew that this was a special moment in time and this cover became my personal tribute to David.”

Trey’s rendition of “Life on Mars” will be featured on the next episode of Vinyl, airing this Sunday. It also appears on the latest installment of the show’s weekly soundtrack series, Vinyl: Music from the HBO Original Series -- Volume 1.6, which drops March 18.