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Fetty Wap Inspires 11-Year-Old Fan To Remove His Prosthetic Eye — See Their Cute Meet-Up

Fetty said it's a day he'll never forget.

Last September, the world learned of an 11-year-old boy named Jayden who gained the confidence to live without his prosthetic eye thanks to Fetty Wap. Now, the inspiring, feel-good story has another amazing chapter to it: Fetty and Jayden have finally met in real life.

According to People, the rapper recently met his brave superfan at his Monster Outbreak Energy Tour stop in Denver. Fetty hooked Jayden up with some fly #RemyBoyz merch, and the two posed for a cute pic backstage.

Fetty told People, "I'm happy I got to meet Jayden and his family. He is a really cool kid! It meant a lot to me personally to finally make his wish happen. It's definitely a day we'll both remember!"

In September, Jayden’s mother, Brenda Vaden, wrote a heartfelt message on Facebook about her son’s decision to remove his prosthetic eye, which he wore for years after losing his eye to retinoblastoma as a baby.

"He has always been terrified of taking it out and would not be caught without it ... and then comes along Fetty Wap," she wrote. "Today, after weeks of asking, Jayden is venturing the world without his prosthetic. I of course am a wreck because this world can be cruel, but so proud.”

Vaden’s post soon went viral and even caught the attention of Fetty himself, who lost one of his eyes to congenital glaucoma as a child.

"I'm glad that I was able to give him the courage to take out his prosthesis," he told People at the time. "I know how it feels to be picked on. I've been talked about my whole entire life. The only difference now is they're saying good things about the guy with one eye. I'm proud of Jayden and I appreciate him more than he may know.”