Confused About Young Thug's Label Situation? This Interview May Confuse You More

'It’s not no 300, it’s not no 100, 250,' he says.

(Thugga and Birdman finally break it down)

We’re going to need a little more clarity on Young Thug’s label situation. Although the ATL rapper is clearly affiliated with the Cash Money/Young Money family, there was also talk of him being signed to Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles’ 300 label – but now Thugga is defining his situation his way.

“We signed forever,” he told MTV News of his Young Money affiliation on Sunday (June 29) when he walked the red carpet at the 2014 BET Awards. “It’s not no 300, it’s not no 100, 250 -- whatever you call it, it’s a lifetime warranty, you dig? It’s in and out. Blood in, blood out.”

And since he’s Young Money all day, you can expect to hear him on upcoming music with both Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

“I’m gonna do something for my project and [Nicki’s] project because we’re family and it wouldn’t be right if I just did hers, and it won’t be right if she just did mine,” he told MTV News on the BET Awards red carpet Sunday evening (June 29).

And what about a Weezy collaboration? “Yes, of course. I recorded a million tracks with Wayne already,” he said. (A million -- how do you even divide that up into albums?)

The 21-year-old wouldn’t give a drop date for his anticipated #HiTunes album, only revealing that Birdman would be executive producing the project.

“We’re not in a rush to put out no album,” Birdman explained. “We wanna do what we wanna do and really flex what he’s doing. An album ain’t what’s important right now. Me and him put a plan together and we’re gonna execute – you’re gonna see a lot of music from him [this year]. A lot.”

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