Gucci Mane Welcomed Back By Shawty Lo And DJ Holiday At Atlanta Jail

'It's about friendship and being a man and holding your man down,' Holiday tells MTV News.

ATLANTA -- When Gucci Mane was minutes away from [article id="1638946"]ending his six-month bid behind bars[/article], two of his close friends and musical collaborators -- Shawty Lo and DJ Holiday -- were there.

"We waiting for my boy Gucci to come out of jail," Shawty said with a big grin on his face. "We at the Fulton County Jail, right off of Bankhead. It's a beautiful day. I got my boy DJ Holiday with me, first on sight. It's about to go down, man."

"MTV, I told you we was gonna be here, baby," Holiday said.

"It feels good to be here," Lo continued. "It's finnin' to be a very long summer. So MTV, y'all stay tuned. MTV, let's get it."

Lo and Gucci's friendship is based on many things, but they definitely have run-ins with the law in common. Shawty said he can relate to Gucci's struggles in music and with the police.

"Basically, me and Gucci, when my career started and Gucci's career started, we was in the struggle. We was blackballed," Lo said. "So me and Gucci, we feel like we're brothers from a different mother. Just to be here, man, it feels good to be here. I been arrested 28 times, and I been convicted four times, so I know how it feels. The hip-hop police got it in [for us]. But at the end of the day, I'm here, thick or thin."

Holiday said that his and Lo's support is genuine and not for publicity.

"I ain't about getting that look. We're brothers," the ATL mixtape king said. Holiday is also signed to Gucci's label, 1017 Brick Squad. "We family. It's bigger than that rap stuff. We had to be here. Lo had to be here. I had to be here. I ain't about that. It's about friendship and being a man and holding your man down. So if you got anybody down right now, make sure you the first person they see [when they get out] if you really holding them down."

Lo said he's looking forward to more of his MC friends to come home as well.

"We waiting on [article id="1633428"]Weezy[/article] and [article id="1625897"]Boosie[/article] too," Shawty said. "Let's get it."

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