Ozzy Says Too Much Freedom Contributed To Jack's Drug Use

'The mistake that Sharon and I both made ... is we never set any boundaries,' singer says.

Speaking for the first time about his son's battle with an addiction to OxyContin, Ozzy Osbourne acknowledged parental mistakes and expressed regret for having given his children so much freedom (see [article id="1473602"]"Ozzy Says He Now Believes Pot Leads To Other Addictions"[/article]).

"The mistake that Sharon and I both made, and we both agree on this, is we never set any boundaries," the Osbourne patriarch told MTV News, addressing his son Jack's recent stint in rehab. "We never said, 'You must be in the house by a certain time.' We just let them have the freedom. Sharon and I are still learning. We're not the parents that say, 'We're always right,' because we're not."

Jack checked himself into Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, California, earlier this year for what was later learned to be an addiction to the dangerous painkiller OxyContin (see [article id="1473501"]"Jack Osbourne Reveals He Was Addicted To Painkiller OxyContin"[/article] and [article id="1473550"]"Rehab Helps Jack Osbourne Get To Root Of Addiction Problems"[/article]). The Food and Drug Administration has warned that the prescription medication can be as addictive as morphine, can cause respiratory problems, and can be fatal when crushed and snorted or chewed (see [article id="1473543"]"All About OxyContin, The Pills Known As 'Killers' "[/article]).

For Ozzy, who said he has tried to keep an open dialog with his children, the news of Jack's involvement with such a dangerous substance came as a shock. "One thing I noticed is that he never cried," Ozzy said. "He never showed. He just locked it in, you know. I think what families should do more often is have family meetings and talk: get around the table and say, 'What's up? How you doing?' Every day I say to my family, 'I love you,' you know. And I do love my family. People forget to say 'I love you. I care for you. Are you OK? Is there anything you need?' "

In Jack's case, though, the words fell on deaf ears, and there was almost no way for his parents to see his addiction coming. "There was the Jack Osbourne my parents knew, the Jack Osbourne my friends knew and the Jack Osbourne that the public knew," Jack explained. "The one my parents knew was the funny, facetious, nice, loving son who's truly caring. To my friends I was a crazy, insane, drinking, using party animal who knew how to have a good time. And the public one was, well, the one they wanted to vote out of the house."

For Jack's complete interview, check out [article id="1473670"]"Jack's Addiction: Jack Osbourne Talks About His Addiction And Recovery"[/article].

-- Robert Mancini, with reporting by [article id="1453176"]Gideon Yago[/article]

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