Jonas Brothers Are Returning To 'SNL' 10 Years After Their Adorable Debut

Remember 'Video Girl' and their love of scarves?

The JoBros comeback is coming full circle! Just days after BTS rocked Saturday Night Live, our other fave boy band, Jonas Brothers, will hit the famed late-night stage. The recently rebooted trio will play the May 11 show, hosted by Emma Thompson, who's making her SNL debut. For Kevin, Joe, and Nick, though, it'll mark a return to Studio 8H that's over a decade in the making. And given today's exciting news, that's a memory we simply must revisit.

Rewind with us, if you will, back to '09...

When the brothers made their SNL debut in February 2009, it was at the peak of JoBros mania. They were fresh off a breakout year that was marked by their chart-topping third album, A Little Bit Longer, and their smash DCOM, Camp Rock. Their appearance also came a week after their first Grammys, where they were nominated for Best New Artist and performed alongside Stevie Wonder. In short, they were the kings of the teen pop world; no contest.

So when they appeared on SNL's Valentine's Day episode with host Alec Baldwin, the show wisely milked JB as much as possible; along with the mandated two-song performance, the trio also flexed their acting chops by appearing in not one, but two sketches. The first was an SNL Digital Short in which Andy Samberg uncovered their "past career" as a hair metal band. And the second, titled "Fourth Jonas," featured Baldwin playing their saxophone-playing older brother, Gary, who was unanimously voted out of the band (but not before sneaking jabs about purity rings and Joe's eyebrows).

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As for JB's two performances, I'm just going to say it: they were... fine. First up was "Tonight," the fourth and final single off A Little Bit Longer. Joe handled lead vocals, flanked on either side by his curly-headed, guitar-playing brothers, each wearing a then-stylish scarf. (Remember: this was before Swole Nick Jonas came into our lives. Surely, if he tried to wear the same scarf now, his neck veins would split the fabric into thin little threads.)

Meanwhile, drummer Jack Lawless — who, for all intents and purposes, is the fourth Jonas Brother, since he still plays with the band today — is the only one who seems to have not aged at all. And while "Tonight" isn't the guys' most remarkable song, they still gave a wholly energetic performance.

Curiously, the group's next song wasn't a single at all. It was "Video Girl," an uncharacteristically nasty swipe at fame-seeking groupies that includes the total burn, "get some class and kiss the past!"

The first notable part about this performance is that it was introduced by Baldwin and his niece Hailey — as in, Hailey Bieber! — who was about 12 at the time, and was equal parts excited and adorably awkward. As for the song itself, Nick manned the drums, Joe gave plenty of 'tude, and Kevin was low-key cringeworthy every time he sang "video girl" during the chorus. Sorry, but it's true.

Ten years later, Jonas Brothers will return to SNL older, wiser, and (probably) without a single scarf in sight. It seems likely that they'll perform their new singles, "Sucker" and "Cool," though the possibility of new music is also on the horizon. And here's hoping Gary Jonas doesn't try to weasel himself back into the band for the guys' big comeback. We'll find out on May 11!

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