Styles P Releases Debut Novel 'Invincible,' Written On His BlackBerry

'It's another hustle for me,' LOX member says of his fiction.

[artist id="1906546"]Styles P the Ghost[/artist] is not your average author. His methods are a little unorthodox. The LOX member took two years to write his first novel, "Invincible" ... on his Blackberry.

Styles told MTV News that he often wrote the book in the D-Block studio while recording his latest solo LP, The Ghost Dub-Dime, and the [artist id="250135"]LOX's[/artist] next group album, which they hope to release later this year.

"The way I did it was so left field," SP said. "It's another hustle for me; it's another way for me to express art."

Styles said he has wanted to write a book for over five years, but had trepidation because he didn't go to school to be a writer and worried he would get things like punctuation wrong. Ironically, he never actually writes down his rhymes, preferring instead to compose them in his head. But a couple of years ago, he put all the negative thoughts aside and went into it.

"The main character, he's a dude, he's been through the street life before," Styles explained of protagonist Jake Billings. "But he turned his life around. He owns a little store, basically trying to get some money. Live the legit way. Basically, he puts his past behind him."

Unfortunately, when two kids try to rob his store, his response lands him in prison. While he's locked up, he receives an anonymous letter threatening his life. And shortly after a visit from his girlfriend, he's stabbed and winds up in a coma for two years.

"He wakes up, 'Who put me in a coma?' " Styles explained. "His past is sketchy; he can't remember everything, so he's gotta piece his life together while trying to stay alive. He has to be positive while dealing with all the negativity. He's basically a trouper."

One of his main enemies in the book is the mysterious Frank and a gang named the 300 Crew. "When you read, you get to see how it lays out or how it plays out," Styles added.

He wanted Jake to be a character that many people, including himself, can relate to, though Jake isn't based on him. "Not me, personally," he said. "But as far as, everybody knows somebody with that kind of story. Especially if you come from the ghetto and know that kind of 'hood life. Even the suburbs knows that kind of story and struggle. You could be in a negative light and trying to be positive or be in a positive light and get pulled into the negative. I tried to show both sides."

"Invincible" is out Tuesday (June 1) and available at bookstores and online at The book also has a soundtrack, featuring guest spots from LOX members Jadakiss, Sheek Louch and others.

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