42 Ways To Drive Any 'Lost' Fan Insane

43. Not reading every single list about 'Lost.'

It's been 10 years since "Lost" went off the air, and if you're a hardcore fan, there hasn't been a day where you still have not thought constantly about the island. Like, constantly. Get it? Constant?

And it isn't just about all the mysteries, either: it's that a decade on, there are things big, and small that will drive you crazier than Libby off her meds if you just let the non-hardcores get to you.

Here are 42 things you can do or say that will still drive any "Lost" fan insane:

42. Posting the number 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, or 42 anywhere.

Lost- Kate

41. "It was too complicated."

LOST - Sayid

40. Not remembering every single detail of the continuity. It's only been 10 years, get with the program.


39. Slipping references to "Lost" in shows that are not "Lost."


38. "Did they ever explain the Smoke Monster?"


37. "What was up with that Hurleybird?"


36. "Oh, so they were just there to protect some sort of Laser-cave?"

Lost - Ben

35. "They never explained those two dead bodies from season one."

Lost- Sawyer

34. Using a close-up shot of an eyeball in your movie/TV show. TOTAL RIP-OFF.

Lost - Eyeball

33. Getting Jack's tattoos IRL.


32. Booking them on an airline flight 815, as if that's supposed to somehow be okay.

Lost - Oceanic Flight 815

31. "If Hurley was on the Island so long, why didn't he lose any weight?"

Lost - Hurley

30. "It was just a 'Gilligan's Island' rip-off."

Lost - Jin

31. Generally not recognizing "Lost" was brilliant, original, and changed the way television was made forever, without any qualifications.

Lost - Sawyer

28. Spoilers. Even 10 years later.

Lost - Jack

27. Attacking J.J. Abrams when clearly it was all Damon Lindelof's fault.


26. Attacking Damon Lindelof.

Lost - Jack

25. "I'm not really a 'Lost' fan."


24. Actually listening to a Driveshaft song on purpose. Even Losties know Driveshaft sucks.

Lost - Jack

23. Insisting 42 refers to Jackie Robinson, not a number played on the fictional lottery by Hurley.

Lost - Ben Linus

22. "I just liked 'FlashForward' better."

Lost- Sawyer

21. Shipping Boone and Shannon. Ew.

Lost - Boone and Shannon

20. Placing "The Constant" anything lower than #1 on your list ranking every episode of "Lost."

Lost - The Constant

19. Insisting that Desmond isn't your favorite character, like there's an option.

Lost - Desmond

18. Calling it, "that show with the guy from 'Party of Five.' "

Lost - Jack

17. Saying the fan group name is "Losters" or "Lost-ites," instead of "Losties."


16. Pointing out that, "the numbers add up to 108, and there's also a lot of 108's on the show?" as if we don't have notebooks full of nothing but the numbers.

Lost - 108

15. Playing the numbers in the lottery IRL, as a "joke."

Lost - Hurley

14. "I stopped watching after Season 2."

Lost - Ben

13. "I stopped watching after Season 3."


12. "I stopped watching after Season 4."

Lost - Juliet

11. "I stopped watching after Season 1."

Lost - Ben

10. "I stopped watching after Season 5."

Lost - Ben

9. "I stopped watching one episode before the end."

Lost- Juliet

8. "Hey, what are the numbers from 'Lost' again?"

Lost Numbers

7. Talking during an episode.

Lost - Jack

6. Leaving the lights on while watching an episode.


5. Getting up or moving even a little bit while watching an episode.


LOST - Don'

4.Seriously, any combination of the numbers seen in public. One way ticket to crazy-town.

Lost - Charlie

3. "Who was in the outrigger?"

Lost - Ben Linus

2. "You know, Nikki & Paolo weren't that bad."

Lost - Sawyer

1."They were just dead the whole time, right?"

Lost - Jack and Hurley

What's your number one "Lost" pet peeve? Let us know in the comments below!