Lauren Jauregui Is A Literal Goddess In Her Entrancing 'More Than That' Video

It celebrates 'divine femininity to the fullest'

Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" wasn't the only feminist, flex-heavy music video that dropped on Friday (January 18). On the heels of releasing her seductive single "More Than That," Lauren Jauregui served up some equally compelling visuals, which gives fans a detailed view of that Louvre-worthy cover art.

In the Lauren Dunn-directed video, Jauregui plays a modern version of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who, during her trip to Earth, "stumbles upon an ethereal all-female club, celebrating divine femininity to the fullest," according to a press release. The place is shrouded in pastel hues and packed with women entranced by the exotic dancers at center stage. Eventually, Jauregui takes the spotlight, dancing in a sheer robe while purring, "I know I ain't right for tempting you / But I just wanna see what you would do."

Speaking to BBC about "More Than That," Jauregui explained that she wanted to make an empowering celebration of womanhood.

"It's about taking that kind of rap video imagery and empowering the women who do this work," she said. "They're stripping, but each woman's spirit is captured in a way that's revering her strength and her sensuality."

"More Than That" is the second taste of Jauregui's upcoming debut solo album, which also includes lead single "Expectations." She hasn't shared a release date yet, but this new vid should hold us over until she does.

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