'Scorch Trials': Dylan O'Brien And Kaya Scodelario Break Down Their Darkest Scene

Why'd you have to do it, Kaya?!

With reporting by Nicole Pajer

Major spoilers for "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" lie ahead!

Welp, that sure was rough. Fans of James Dashner's "Maze Runner" book series knew that Teresa's (Kaya Scodelario) major betrayal was coming, but the whole thing played out so differently on the page than it did in "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" that even the most diehard member of the Dashner Army was probably left reeling. Basically, it came down to this -- Teresa thought that WCKD's plan to sacrifice the few to save the many was A-OK after witnessing her mother's brutal death, so she clued in Ava Paige to Thomas's (Dylan O'Brien) location at the end of the movie, dooming Minho (Ki Hong Lee), Aris (Jacob Lofland) and more to a horrible fate. (We think.)

But as hard as this was for we the fans, when MTV News sat down with Scodelario and O'Brien ahead of the film's release, the duo revealed that it was actually pretty great in front of the camera -- even though they were both "really sick," according to O'Brien.

"It was just beautiful," Scodelario said. "We got up there, on this amazing, tiny little platform, overlooking the entire desert. To get to do that scene with Dylan, for me, was so important, because we'd been on this journey since the very beginning. I was in his audition helping him read, and I adore the boy; I care about him. To have this moment of peace and quiet... to have this scene where it's just us on this ledge, and we're both so calm... it's kind of what you love about acting. It's that kind of meditational, weird f--king thing you go into."

O'Brien shared Scodelario's sentiments, and added that he thinks the scene would have played out even better if they hadn't showed his betrayed face at all.

"It was so live, too," he said. "It was another magic hour scene, [director] Wes [Ball] wanted it right at sunset, right as it transitioned to darkness, basically. There were two nights we got to shoot it, and we had 25 minutes it time. So you know, Kaya's performance that you see... I almost wished they just stayed on you the whole time. It'd be so cool. Cause that was all just one take, really... that was one of the most special scenes of the film."

"Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" is in theaters now.

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