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Bebe Rexha Is 'Fresh To Death' On New Gucci Mane And 2 Chainz Collab

Chill out to 'That's It'

If you struggle with memorizing lyrics, fear not: Bebe Rexha's got you. Two weeks after teaming up with Louis Tomlinson, Rexha has dropped a fresh new collaboration with Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz. "That's It" is the first release off her upcoming EP, All Your Fault: Pt. 2, due out August 11. (Part 1 came out in February.)

"That's It" is extremely easy to sing along to, as the chorus is just the same two words — yep, you guessed it, "That's It" — repeated over and over again as a hypnotizing beat plays on loop. You might have more trouble memorizing Gucci and 2 Chainz's verses, however.

I never thought I'd hear the phrase "fresh to death" sung in the year 2017, but here we are.