Get A Tour Of Palos Hills High From The Most 'Awkward.' Chick In School: Its Vice Principal [Video]


Oh, to be back in high school. Even though our nostrils still burn from the combined funk of never-washed gym uniforms and never-eaten tuna sandwiches left to spoil in lockers, our hearts will always skip a beat when we think of being reunited with our friends (and crushes!) after a long summer spent apart. For the fresh crop of "Awkward" kids at Palos Hills High, the pre-school pump-up comes with Val's campus tour, and in this Season 3 webisode (the first of many to come!), the froshies learn the history of their new home's hallowed halls.

Forget math, science and English: Val believes every freshman needs to be schooled in social spit-swapping studies if they're going to survive the next four years. Whether it's dirt on where Jenna and Matty first played public tonsil hockey, or conjecture on how weird the lunch table conversation will go now that Tamara and Jake have hooked up, she's got you covered. Just don't ask her to help you pick out electives -- that would mean doing her actual job.

+ Could you hack it at Palos Hills High? Check out Val's tour, tell us if it shares any similarities to your school and make sure to check out the Season 3 premiere of "Awkward," April 16 at 10/9c!

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