9.4 Sexy Chris Evans Moments For (Captain) America's 94th Birthday

Don't say we never got you anything.

Oh hey, it's America's birthday today -- 238 candles, good luck with that! But do you know who else is blowing out a whole heck of a lot of candles and repeatedly checking his Facebook today? The walking pile of sexy known as Captain America!

So, to celebrate the 94th name day of the luscious hunk we all know and love as Steve Rogers 2.0, Chris Evans, we've compiled 9.4 of the Cap's sexiest moments. Enjoy!

1. When he first came into existence, like so:

Thank you, science.

2. When he showed off his stuff, like so:

Hey, no touching!

3. When he found the eye of the tiger, like so:

His glutes seem to be doing okay.

4. When he kissed Margaery Tyrell, like so:

Don't tell Ser Pounce.

5. When he perfected his patriotic salute, like so:

Ugh, you make US so proud to be an American, Steve.

6. When he threw Tony Stark some shade, like so:

That guy had it coming.

7. When he was an awesome friend always and forever, like so:

This guy did not have it (forgiveness) coming.

8. When he helped save New York City, like so:

Thanks for saving MTV News headquarters, Steve!

9. When he got all sweaty during a workout, like so:



Oh, how far you've come!

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