Gordo Missed The 'Lizzie McGuire' Reunion But He's Doing Just Fine

Here's what Adam Lamberg is up to now.

Hilary Duff's "Lizzie McGuire" reunion was nearly picture-perfect.

Sure, seeing Duff reunite with her former Disney costars Lalaine (Miranda) and Jake Thomas (Matt) at a bowling alley on Monday night (April 27) made our hearts swell with pure, unfiltered joy. But there was one very important member from the original trio (sorry, Jake) missing: Gordo.

To be honest, Adam Lamberg's notable absence is kind of bumming us out. But there is a logical reason for it: Lamberg lives in New York. And seeing as Duff and Co. snapped this awesome bowling pic in Los Angeles, it makes perfect sense that Lamberg would be a no-show. Do you really expect him to fly across the country for a few rounds of bowling?

Also, Gordo really hated bowling, so it's not entirely shocking he would want to save himself the humiliation of throwing nine straight gutter balls in a row... again.



So where is Lamberg now? He may not be acting anymore, but he is doing something that he loves. After the "Lizzie McGuire" movie, Lamberg appeared in two independent films and graduated from UC Berkley with a degree in geography. He now lives in New York City, where he's a developmental associate at the Irish Arts Center.

It also looks like he's in a pretty serious relationship with himself. You do you, Gordo.

Unlike other child stars who grow up to resent their time in the spotlight, Lamberg recently told a fan on Tumblr he doesn't harbor any bitterness about the experience. "I don’t regret it," he wrote. "It's just hard to be constantly judged on something from the past."

Lamberg hasn't been super active on social media in the last year, but he was last seen chilling on a beach on Instagram. Oh, and he's probably listening to his "favorite new band," Macaulay Culkin's Pizza Underground, right now.

Here's hoping that when Duff returns to Brooklyn to film the second season of "Younger," she and Lamberg can have a picture-perfect reunion of their own.

Gordo and Lizzie

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