'Captain America' Trailer: Five Key Moments You Probably Missed

The 'Winter Soldier' preview teased a lot of great stuff, but there's even more goodness hidden in it.

The first trailer for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" has essentially won the Internet for the day. We've watched the thing a dozen times but we're still not tired of seeing Steve Rogers back in action.

But in all the times that we've watched it, we've noticed that there are a few important elements to the story that only get a short blink-and-you'll-miss-it tease in the trailer. So while we're eagerly awaiting to jump out of a plane parachute-less with Captain America, these are the things we want to see more of from "The Winter Soldier."

The Winter Who?

For the guy they named the movie after, he sure doesn't get a lot of love in the first trailer. Let's consider that a good thing for now because if the Winter Soldier in the movie is anything like the one from the comics -- and it looks like he is -- Marvel is saving some of the movie's most badass moments for later. The brainwashed version of Bucky Barnes is a great villain for Cap because on paper, he should be the answer to the Avenger's prayers ("My best friend is alive!"), but he's actually his worst nightmares. ("My best friend is alive, but evil!")


You might recognize one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the trailer as Frank Grillo, underrated star of such underrated movies as "The Grey" and "Warrior," but he's not just any lackey. His character Brock Rumlow also goes by the name Crossbones, a major villain in the Marvel Universe that played a role in the assassination of Captain America. Expect to see a lot more from Brock Rumlow, including the full version of the elevator fight sequence, which killed in Hall H at Comic-Con this past July.

Nick Fury: Patient in Surgury

Uh-oh! Did we catch a glimpse of Cap and Black Widow watching as Nick Fury goes under the knife? If we had to guess, the S.H.I.E.L.D. might not have had his seatbelt buckled when the Helicarrier took a nose dive. This could definitely raise the stakes for Cap and perhaps remove his protection from the more nefarious members of S.H.I.E.L.D. like Robert Redford's Alexander Pierce.

The Triskelion

Fans of the comics might find S.H.I.E.L.D.'s island fortress at the 46-second mark familiar. While we can't confirm that the structure is the Triskelion from the Ultimates comics, there certainly is a strong resemblance. It's also worth noting that the Triskelion was partially destroyed when bad guys crashed Helicarriers into it, a sight we see at the end of the trailer.

Some Vintage Duds

A costume change for Captain America might seem like a small detail, but it's rumored to have bigger implications for the story. At the beginning of the trailer, we can see Steve Rogers in a new, sleeker uniform that ditches the red from his "Avengers" ensemble, but by the end of the preview, he's back in his World War II outfit, kicking it old school. ("It" being butt.)

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" opens in theaters on April 4, 2014.

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