This 6-Year-Old Superhero Just Saved Her Town -- Brace For Feels

Try not to cry when you read about how SpiderMable saved her town.

Edmonton, Alberta was the site of salvation for the Oilers' captain Andrew Ference on Monday (Sept. 28) as a tiny masked superhero -- known to the public only as SpiderMable -- joined forces with her idol Spider-Man and defeated the villainous Mysterio to rescue Ference from certain peril.

That's the official story -- as far as 6-year-old Mable is concerned, at least -- after the Children's Wish Foundation of Alberta and the the City of Edmonton partnered up to elaborately plan an entire day devoted to helping this child save her city today.

The girl, who idolizes the webbed wonder, was reportedly diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2013 and regularly reads her favorite Spider-Man comics during treatment -- which is said to be nearing an end with a good prognosis, too.

And since the too-cute tyke has always dreamed of teaming up with her favorite superhero, the entire city rallied together to make this a day she wouldn't soon forget.

It all started when Oilers captain Andrew Ference went missing, and the Edmonton City Police called upon their neighborhood hero SpiderMable to save the day from the then-unknown suspect.

That's when SpiderMable went into action -- starting with some fancy transport to meet with the mayor and learn all about the evil villian who'd taken Ference hostage.

The baddie later revealed himself as the masked Mysterio.

Mable and Spider-Man searched dutifully for any clues that might reveal the whereabouts of their beloved ice defenseman.

Even Lucy the Elephant from Edmonton Valley Zoo came in to give SpiderMable a hand in the rescue effort.

And SpiderMable held a press conference to inform the media of the latest developments with the pursuit.

That's when Mysterio brought his victim into the public view -- tied up with rope and ready for the rescue.

And, indeed, it was a dramatic scene as SpiderMable finally had her foe in sight and took him down with the help of Spidey's special string.

Ference was grateful for her bravery.

In other news, humanity is beautiful.

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