J.K. Rowling Says The Door Is Open For More Harry Potter Stories: How About These?

Which, in case you've failed to grasp the gravity of this situation, is fancy English-person-speak for OMG YOU GUYS THERE COULD BE MOAR HARRY POTTERS.

Or at least, more stories from the Potterverse; Rowling has been pretty clear that as far as future books are concerned, Harry and his contemporaries have run their course as characters. But that doesn't mean that Hogwarts couldn't give birth to a new legend--or an old one--that would satisfy the yearning of Potterheads everywhere who just can't accept that it's over. And because we're obsessed to the point of madness slightly intrigued by the possibility of more Potter, we went ahead and came up with three ideas for Rowling's re-entry into the wizarding world. Check them out after the jump!

1. "Salazar Slytherin and the Snake Who Loved Him" (and other origin stories of the Hogwarts founders)

"Batman Begins," "X-Men Origins," "Star Wars" Episodes I, II, and III--there's no more popular way to breathe new life into a beloved franchise than with a return to the bare beginnings. And best of all, the world of Harry Potter is tailor-made for such a treatment; who hasn't wanted to know more about the dirty youthful dealings of Salazar Slytherin, or the sordid family drama that was the Ravenclaws' undoing? Not to mention that an inventive author could get four books out of the deal, one for each Hogwarts house namesake.

2. "Amazing Animagi, Illustrated"

A companion text to the Potter series, this collection of stories would introduce readers to the world of magical shapeshifters, from famous animagus Sirius Black, to crafty sometimes-beetle Rita Skeeter, to the unfortunate and oft-forgotten Anna Lidicus, who tragically melted to death when she unthinkingly morphed into an earthworm on a New York City street in the middle of July.

3. "Margaret Thatcher and the Magic Wand"

Trading on both the unexplored potential of the oft-mentioned relationship between the prime ministers of both the ordinary and wizarding worlds, as well as the popularity of erotic trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey," this steamy offshoot featuring sex, lies and political intrigue would be a perfect follow-up to the Potter series for now-adult readers who like their reading material to mature along with them.

Would you read one of these books? What story ideas do you have? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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