'Drip Drop' From 'Empire' Is The Only Song You Need To Listen To Today

Bye, Felicia.

"Drip drop drip-drippity drop."

That's the hook of "Drip Drop," the latest release from Fox's hit new drama "Empire." (And no, Hakeem isn't rapping about his leaky faucet.) Like most things on "Empire," "Drip Drop" is so outrageous it's actually brilliant.

"Drip Drop," featuring Hakeem Lyon and his bae Tiana (#Takeem), premiered during the most recent episode of "Empire," and within minutes, it was already a top U.S. trend on Twitter. Some people found the obvious double entendre hilarious, while others, legitimately couldn't get it out of their heads.

Perhaps even more outlandish is the multi-million-dollar budget Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) and Empire Entertainment dropped for little Lyon's music video. There's a jet ski! And scantily clad models! And fake rain! And a giant green screen that can make it look like Hakeem is riding alongside dolphins!

Hakeem (Yazz, the voice of our generation) first plays "Drip Drop" for Lucious and Anika in a conference room -- with a basketball hoop in it? -- and then presents his storyboard idea for the music video. "I don't wanna win this game. I wanna change it," he says. "We show them I'm the king, bet you they believe it."

In other words, this is Hakeem:


Lion King GIF

Later, at the video shoot, Hakeem gets even more confident. "When this video drops, it's gon' put Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and all those cats on notice. I'm dead-ass serious. I'm not playin' with these dudes, man." Yeah, because "drip drop drip-drippity drop" is really putting Drake and Kendrick Lamar on blast.

However, that's not to say "Drip Drop" isn't catchy. In fact, once you hear that hook, it's incredibly difficult to get it out of your head. And Hakeem's verses are sort of playful -- once you get past the general ickiness of "drip-drippity drop." Needless to say, we haven't been able to get "Drip Drop" out of our heads all morning, and we're not alone in our agony:

Does "Empire" have its first true top 10 hit with "Drip Drop?" Probably not, but who cares! If this is the kind of original music we can expect from Timbaland and Co., sign me up. I am so down for more.