Lauren Conrad's Bachelorette Party Don'ts Will Spare You Much Shame

The 'Hills' alum says you should still act like a lady in Sin City.

Thanks to Lauren Conrad's Ladylike Laws website column, we know how to responsibly enjoy a friend's wedding, but when it comes to pre-gaming the big day with your best gal pals, what are the ground rules? As her own nuptials approach, LC took some time to enlighten us on proper bachelorette party protocol, and according to her playbook, the cardinal rule is to NOT, under any circumstances, upstage the bride-to-be. In other words: No Kristin Wiig'ing out.

And the "Hills" alum has quite a few more don'ts for you to consider before you get all "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." (So false BTW.)

Between what to wear to which photos are appropriate to post to social media, Lauren makes sure there's no confusion over what's acceptable. For instance, don't wear anything that will get you confused for a streetwalker. "While it can be tempting to wear that too-short dress for a night out in Vegas, think twice before you head out in an outfit that you’ll regret the next day," she advises. But...but...

And while we're on the topic of what's too much, be sure to keep your drinking in check. "It’s definitely fun to have a few cocktails with your best girlfriends and celebrate one of the most exciting times in a friend’s life, but trust me, you’ll want to be able to soak up every minute with your friends instead of being stuck in bed with a hangover headache." So whether you've got an industrial-sized bottle of Advil in your purse or not, you better close your tab if the room starts to spin. As we understand it, there are many morning activities to come, and there won't be a pair of sunglasses big enough, nor triple lattes strong enough, to cure your case of the 9 a.m. shakes.

Finally, when the morning does roll around, be sure you don't regret what's coursing through the Instagram circuit. "Bachelorettes can get a bit wild (depending on who you’re with and who you’re celebrating), and some of the photos you take should never see the light of day," the post urges. Uploading a shot of a girlfriend grinding against the concierge might seem funny at midnight, but when the sun comes up, it'll surely be a different story.

Scan through more of Lauren's bachelorette party DON'Ts, and tell us if you agree with her tips!

Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images