9 Totally ***Flawless Beyonce VMA Moments

Bey's been killin' it at the VMA for years.

Let's BEY honest -- it's almost impossible to find a moment when Beyoncé isn't looking ***flawless, so clearly we didn't have too much trouble finding her most ***flawless VMA moments.

This year, Beyonce is nominated for eight awards at 2014 MTV VMAs, and she'll also be performing and receiving the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. (Basically, she's turning the VMAs into the BMAs.)

In light of this momentous occasion, let's look back at some of Bey's most spectacular moments at VMAs.

1. The baby bump teaser.


If you weren't already watching the VMAs when this happened in 2011, someone definitely hit your phone to let you know that Beyoncé had just dropped some big news on the red carpet. In addition to looking absolutely, glowingly stunning on the red carpet, she made it clear that she and Jay were expecting, and we were just five months away from being graced with the presence of Blue Ivy.

2. A killer performance and the belly rub seen around the world.


If you just smashed your VMA performance, in heels, while pregnant -- this would be the look on your face too. Any questions?

3. Put a ring on it.


After this 2009 performance of "Single Ladies" we were 100 percent sure that absolutely no one can shake it and flip it like Beyonce can -- and still come out looking fabulous.

4. Multiple trophies.


After owning the night with her "Single Ladies" performance (and comforting poor Taylor Swift), Beyonce also took home a handful of awards in 2009. She probably deserved another one for the fiercest posing of the night as well. Just sayin'.

5. Casual goddess.


In 2007, she kept it very elegant in a shimmering goddess gown that hugged her in all the right places.

6. Ring the alarm.


Then she hit the stage to perform "Ring the Alarm" at the 2007 VMAs, covered in a long beige trench coat. But it wasn't long before she stripped down and really went wild. Jay was in the crowd drooling. (And we were at home drooling).

7. Always shining.


At the 2006 VMAs, Beyonce dazzled on the red carpet and showed off her long blonde locks. Clearly she doesn't need the stage to steal the show.

8. Hair flip.


Who needs to enter stage left when you can hit the stage by descending upside-down from the rafters, like Beyonce did for her spectacular "Baby Boy/ Crazy In Love" medley at the 2003 VMAs.

9. In Destiny's hands.


And, of course, where would Beyonce be without Destiny's Child? 2000 was their first VMAs, where they took home a Moonman for Best R&B Video and put Beyonce on the VMA map forever. And there you have it. Beyonce: Flawlessly stuntin' at the VMAs since 2000.

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