Meet The Most Right-Swiped Man On Tinder -- In New Jersey

Andy Mizrahi reveals the secrets to a great profile.

Andy Mizrahi has been right-swiped more than any other dude in the Garden State. The 28-year-old from the Jersey Shore signed up for the dating (?) app Tinder after his divorce.

"I needed a good pick-me-up," Mizrahi, who was recently featured on People's "50 Sexiest Men of Tinder" list, told Tech Insider. "It's the ultimate breakup app, that's what it is. If you break up with someone, guess where you're going the next day? You're going on Tinder." (OK, so definitely not a dating app.)

Mizrahi, a Brooklyn College alum, attributes his Tinder success to the fact he's "a good marketer" who's "been on camera a million times." It makes sense, then, that he says one of his life goals is to be a TV host. Right now he's the co-founder of Old Farm Productions, which creates videos for companies' social media pages.

"I love Tinder because ... if I want to go hook up with a girl or get a girl on a Monday night, I can't do to a bar and go start slaying women," Mizarahi explained. "There's no women on a Monday night in a bar." Maybe they're all just hiding from you and your "slaying," dude. ?

Watch Tech Insider's full interview with Mizrahi below.

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