17 Burning Questions We Still Have About 'Ed, Edd N' Eddy'

Buttered toast, indeed.

From 1999 to 2009, one show captured our imagination more than any other in existence — “Ed, Edd N’ Eddy.” Come on, admit it, you loved to watch the antics of these three similarly named kids as they tried to throw the rug over the eyes of all the kids in their neighborhoods.

But while the cul-de-sac and its residents enthralled us back in the day, they also left us with a lot of weird questions that the show never answered. Like these, for example!

How old are these kids supposed to be?

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We know they attend Peach Creek Junior High, so they’re somewhere between 12 and 14. Hopefully closer to 12, since being almost freshman-aged makes their schemes a lot… er, weirder.

And how much older is Naz if it's totally normal for her to babysit Eddy?

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Remember when that happened? It was super embarrassing for Eddy.

When do all these kids go to school?

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The entire series takes place almost entirely outside of the classroom, even though we know for a fact that they all go to school in their town of Peach Creek. Is the bulk of the show supposed to take place in the summer?

Where are all the adults?

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At least in “Peanuts” you get to hear them “womp womp” now and again, but I can’t remember when I’ve ever seen an adult in “Ed, Edd n’ Eddy” for more than a few seconds — unless you count the post-it notes that Double D’s family leaves for him, or the occasional body part.

Where did the Eds get the material for all of their scams and inventions?

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Seriously, the amount of cardboard alone that they've gone through could probably decimate a rainforest.

Where is Rolf even supposed to be from?

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All we know about Rolf is that he comes from “The Old Country,” he’s casually familiar with Norwegian mythology, and he speaks almost entirely in the third person.

Are the Urban Rangers an official organization?

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Usually scout troops are led by adults, but Rolf is the leader of the cul-de-sac’s troop — he’s so committed to the cause that he even has the Urban Ranger Handbook memorized. But where do they get their badges from? Does Rolf MAKE them?

Who spells their name “Edd?”

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Is it short for Eddard? Has Double been a “Game of Thrones” character this whole time?

What’s under Double D’s hat?

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We never see what’s under there, but Ed and Eddy do, and they are horrified.

Why do the other two Eds hang out with Eddy in the first place?

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Ed is a lovable oaf and Double D is a kind-hearted nerd — neither of them seem all that invested in Ed’s money-grabbing schemes. Is it that they’re afraid of him? Is it because they’re just as unpopular as he is? Is it the name thing? What gives?

Where did Eddy learn how to make omelets?

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That’s such a weird thing to be a middle schooler’s cooking specialty.

If Sarah's such a brat, why is she so nice to Jimmy?

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You think he'd be the easiest person on the block to menace but their friendship is actually really sweet.

Does Kevin ever use his dad's garage full of jawbreakers for personal gain?

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Is THAT why he's the most popular person on the block?

Also, how is Kevin the most popular kid...

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When Plank exists? Come on, guys. you know he's the coolest. Plus he’s the only one with parents whose faces we actually see on the show!

Speaking of which, do Plank and Jim the Cactus ever hang out?

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As inanimate objects with names, they must have a lot to discuss.

What’s even the deal with jawbreakers? Why them out of all the candy in existence?

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Haven’t you all tried chocolate? It’s way better, trust me — and it doesn’t turn your tongues weird colors.

Finally, the most important question: why can’t we find this show on instant streaming anymore?

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FIX THIS, Cartoon Network!

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