Cardi B Is Making A Serious Play For Jimmy Fallon's Job

She's set to co-host 'The Tonight Show' on April 9

Clear your schedule on Monday night, because Cardi B will be co-hosting The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

For the first time in the late-night show’s history, the rapper will sit side-by-side with the host to interview the evening’s lucky guests (who have not yet been announced, but will hopefully be on the same level as Madonna or Bono, for Cardi's sake) before taking the stage herself to promote her debut album, Invasion of Privacy.

The gig will mark Cardi’s third time on The Tonight Show, her star power growing with each appearance. The first time she was there as just a performer, joining G-Eazy for “No Limit” in September. In December, she was given more freedom to express herself — and express herself she did — with a seat on the couch, where she ended up totally stealing the show from a speechless Fallon while discussing her music, her engagement, and her life in general.

This time, we expect the late-night veteran to sit back and relax as he allows the "Bartier Cardi" artist to take the wheel and probably steal his job. If this ends up anything remotely like the time Jennifer Lawrence hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live — and I'm pretty sure it will — we're all in for a treat.

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