The New (Drama-Filled) 'Real World' Trailer Is Here: See It Now!

The housemates' 'Skeletons' begin arriving on Tuesday, December 16 at 10/9c.

Ebenezer Scrooge might have the ghost of Christmas past to contend with as the holiday season approaches, but over in Chicago, the new "Real World" housemates will go toe-to-toe with a closet full of ruinous skeletons.

When the new season premieres on Tuesday, December 16, at 10/9c, seven strangers will move in to a beautiful converted nightclub in the Windy City, only to discover that their seemingly standard entryway doubles as a revolving door for damaging secrets and sworn-off foes. One by one, each housemate will be ambushed by an unwelcome link to his or her past, and the confrontations to come will absolutely ravage the Midwest and leave the local doppler radar exhausted. As one tenant observes in the trailer below, "You do understand that this will be the first episode of 'Real World' where someone gets, like, killed, right?"

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Cyberbullying, family issues and matters of the heart are all on the docket for Season 30 -- so who will be able to work through their issues and come out alive, and who will go down with the ship and be swallowed by the "Skeletons" storm? Check out the trailer, share your initial thoughts on the brand-new season and be sure to tune in to the very first episode in a few short weeks!

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