Kanye West And G.O.O.D. MCs Get A Murcielago For 'Mercy' Video

Video for first 'Cruel Summer' single is a stylized hip-hop stunt fest featuring Yeezy, Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz.

They say less is more, but Kanye West could've used a couple more Lamborghinis in his "Mercy" video, because there's no way all those G.O.O.D. MCs will fit in the clip's lone Murciélago.

On Wednesday (June 6), G.O.O.D. Music dropped the video for "Mercy," the first single off of their collective Cruel Summer LP. The all-star rap crew gather in a black-and-white, art deco-inspired parking lot that houses one motorcycle, one two-door sports coupé and a whole lot of rhymes.

After a camera pan introduces us to the song's stars, a masked Yeezy marches across the widescreen, waving his hands and chanting, "Lamborghini mercy your chick is so thirsty" before giving way to Big Sean's introductory verse.

There may have been a shortage of cars, but no shortage of MCs. A "Matrix"-like visual effect is employed to double-up and sometimes triple-up each rapper so he appears more than once in a single shot. As Big Sean charismatically acts out his verse, shaking ferociously, a second Sean dances behind him playing hypeman. The Sean doppelganger appears, disappears and then reappears playing hide and seek behind the support beams in the underground lot.

During the five-and-a-half-minute "Mercy" video, there is no intricate story line or scene change; just a good old-fashioned, stylized hip-hop stunt fest. Why? Because Kanye can, that's why. Yeezy's performance is as arrogant as ever. His facial expressions match his bars, especially when he looks into the camera deadpan, while his visual clone lyrically extorts Def Jam records. "Tell 'em gimme $50 million or I'ma quit," Yeezy #2 spits while flashing the international "Give me money" sign by rubbing his thumb, index and ring fingers together.

No question West is a star and worth every penny, but it's guest spitter 2 Chainz who steals the show on the song's closing verse. Leaning on a support-beam, waiting as cool as ever, the charismatic Tity Boi jumps off the column and begins spewing his bars. With his head wrapped in a long-flowing black scarf, Deuce moves his lanky frame to and fro, while his G.O.O.D. Music buddies parade behind him.

By the video's close, Sean, Pusha T, Kanye and 2 Chainz come together in a single frame for a group pose before they magically disappear behind a speeding Lambo. Have mercy!

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