Which Lauren Cohan Supernatural Character Reigns Supreme?

Bela vs. Rose vs. Maggie: Honoring Lauren Cohan’s kick-ass characters on her birthday.

Lauren Cohan has played bad-ass babes in several supernatural shows -- and the upcoming movie "The Boy" -- but which babe is the most bad-ass? Is it Bela from “Supernatural,” Rose from “The Vampire Diaries,” or Maggie from “The Walking Dead?” In honor of Cohan’s birthday today (January 7), let's compare her characters to see who comes out on top. Who are you rooting for?

Best First Appearance

It can be tough to introduce a new character to an established show because the audience already has such loyalty to the current characters. So which Cohan character burst onto the scene in the best way?

Bela First

While we totally understand why a waitress might be flustered enough by the combined hotness of Dean and Sam to spill coffee, this is a ruse by Bela to steal a cursed rabbit’s foot from Sam. Naughty girl!

Rose First

Rose saves Elena from being bitten by a vampire but moments later she smacks her across the room. Whoa!

Maggie First

Maggie spots Rick running across a field carrying a bloodied Carl and immediately calls for her dad. Wise move since her dad’s a doctor.

Winner: Smacking the crap out of the female lead is great way to join a show with a bang – Rose for the win!

Best Fighting Skills

Vampires, zombies, and monsters, oh my! When you’re dealing with the supernatural, a girl’s gotta have serious skillz in order to survive. So which Cohan character is best at fighting for her life?

Bela Fighting

Half the time Bela is with the Winchesters, she’s pointing a gun at them -- and she knows how to use it because in order to get what she wants, she shoots Sam in the shoulder without seriously injuring him.

Rose Fighting

Because she’s over 500 years old, Rose relies on her mega vampire strength and speed to win a fight.

Maggie Fight

Maggie has become handy with a gun, but in a zombie apocalypse, survivors often have to use whatever they can get their hands on – knives, hammers, even a freakin’ No Parking sign.

Winner: Maggie, of course! When you use a street sign to kill the undead, you are clearly the winner.

Best Dressed

Lauren Cohan is totally gorgeous, so she’d look good no matter what she wears, but which Cohan character is dressed for success?

Bela Dressed

Bela must have used the money she made stealing supernatural objects to shop ‘til she dropped because girl always looks on point.

Rose Dressed

Rose dresses for the times, such as a sharp leather jacket in the present or a poofy dress in ye olden times.

Maggie Dressed

Maggie’s wardrobe pretty much consists of worn-out clothes, dirt, sweat, and zombie blood.

Winner: Bela sashays down the runway with this one, due to always being dressed to kill.

Best Kill

In the supernatural world, there’s often a lot of killing to be done, so which Cohan character is the master of murder?

Bela Kill

It takes a cold heart (or extreme desperation) to kill two guys you’ve been flirting with while they sleep. Luckily the brothers get the drop on Bela, so she only executes two sex dolls.

Rose Kill

Rose is one of the rare vampires who feels bad about killing humans, which makes her murderous rampage while under the influence of a werewolf bite extra sad.

Maggie Kill

Since survivors of the zombie apocalypse often have to improvise, Maggie gets in a lot of gnarly zombie kills, but her exhilaration after this takedown makes it her best.

Winner: Slender Maggie, who has no supernatural strength, taking down an armored zombie with a well-placed knife is pretty freakin’ awesome.

Best Taste In Men

Lauren Cohan is a lucky lady in that she always gets to work with such hot guys, but which Cohan character connects with Mr. Right?

Bela Taste

Look at those cheekbones!

Rose Taste

Look at those eyes!

Maggie Taste

But Glenn is a total cutie who loves Maggie so much he’ll overcome impossible odds to get back to her, and even helps other people along the way.

Winner: Maggie by a mile. Sure Dean and Damon are funny and fun to look at, but Glenn is the total package.

Best Death

All good things must come to an end, so which Cohan character shuffles off this mortal coil with the most panache?

Bela Death

We don’t actually see Bela die onscreen, but the scene closes with the sounds of hellhounds coming for her due to her deal with a demon. Since she finally showed some vulnerability and helped the brothers moments before, we‘re a bit sad to see her go.

Rose Death

Damon cradles a dying Rose while giving her a vision of carefree moments enjoying the feel of the sun before he mercy kills her with a stake. Gah! So many tears.

Maggie Death

Although the mid-season finale ends with Maggie in a precarious position, she’s not dead yet, and we hope we don’t have to mourn for her any time soon. Or ever really.

Winner: It may seem like Rose wins this one by default, but her death is such a touching emotional moment that it would have been tough to beat regardless.

And the overall winner is … Maggie! Of course, she does have an advantage since she’s been around for several seasons while Bela and Rose only got six episodes each. But Maggie’s journey as she’s toughened up, learned zombie survival skills, and fallen in love has definitely honed her into one badass babe.

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

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