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Rebel Wilson Is The New Goldie Hawn

In the 'Private Benjamin' reboot, at least.

No one can deny that Rebel Wilson is acca-awesome, but now it appears she's acca-golden as well.

The "Pitch Perfect" actress is set to fill out Goldie Hawn's military-grade boots for New Line's upcoming reboot of "Private Benjamin," the Hawn classic about a young woman who joins up with the U.S. Army after being led to believe it's a fairly ritzy existence — when, in reality, it's anything but.

The remake follows "a redneck (Wilson) and a rich city girl who get more than they bargained for when they enlist in the Marines to escape their present situations," according to The Wrap.

Based on the description, there's room for another actress to buddy up with Wilson in the fish-out-of-water scenario. Just throwing out suggestions, but Rose Byrne ("Bridesmaids" and "Neighbors") and Anna Kendrick (Wilson's "Pitch Perfect" pal) come to mind.

Either way, while the Hollywood reboot cycle isn't always everyone's favorite thing, it's hard to argue that Wilson and "Private Benjamin" aren't a prefect fit. In fact, sub Wilson in for almost any Goldie Hawn role, and it's gold. Picture a "Death Becomes Her" reboot, with Wilson in Hawn's place:

Except starring this:

Make it so, universe.