'Twilight,' 'Watchmen' And 'Terminator Salvation' Panels Have Us Geeked For Comic-Con

We'll have the latest on 'Fanboys,' 'Underworld 3' and more from San Diego this week.

It's the Super Bowl of Superheroes. The Running of the Geeks. Whatever you want to call the world's biggest genre convention, it's Comic-Con -- and your MTV News team can't wait to head to San Diego again this week as we do every year.

Beginning Wednesday night (July 23), we'll be all over the show like a swarm of tooth fairies attempting to take down Hellboy. And with a diverse slate boasting everything from to to , "Pineapple Express" to a reunion of the kids who did the voices for the original "Peanuts" cartoons, 2008 is sure to be manna for the masses.

Stay tuned to MTV,, the MTV Movies Blog and our newly launched comics blog Splash Page for the very latest. In the meantime, here are the 10 Comic-Con events we're most excited about:


As we inch closer to the highly anticipated film's December 12 release, the vampire juggernaut is planning to invade Comic-Con in a major way. Director and author Stephenie Meyer will be there, as well as castmembers , , , Rachelle Lefevre, Edi Gathegi and . Rumor has it that a brand-new scene from the movie will be unveiled during the official panel on Thursday in Hall H, and you can bet we'll have all the details. Personally, I can't wait to see the insanity that is sure to erupt when they all take the stage.


According to my trusty "The End Is Nigh" countdown clock, we have 226 days, 9 hours, 11 minutes and 43 seconds until the debut of what might be the greatest film of 2009. Can you tell that I'm excited? Following up on last year's [article id="1566348"]thunderous Comic-Con reception[/article] and Zack Snyder's [article id="1591135"]recent release of the first trailer for the film[/article], the director will return with stars Malin Akerman, , Matthew Goode, Carla Gugino, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Patrick Wilson. The presentation will reportedly feature several minutes of too-intense-for-the-trailer footage and is sure to be standing-room-only when it takes place on Friday.

"Max Payne"

Does have what it takes to portray a hard-boiled noir detective? We have our doubts, but he'll be making his case when he takes the stage Thursday, accompanied by Mila Kunis, and director John Moore. Expect some footage from the movie, as well as ultra-geeky questions from the hard-core gamers in the audience.

"Death Race"

Will it be a remake whose time has come or "Rollerball" all over again? The recent trailer remains inconclusive, but we should have a much better idea after seeing the film and speaking with such stars as , Joan Allen, Ian McShane, Natalie Martinez, and director Paul Anderson. Some sort of unusual press day is being promised in the parking lot of San Diego's Petco baseball stadium on Sunday -- we're thinking it's going to involve speeding cars and a lot of panicky press.


For the third consecutive year, the controversial / movie will have a presence at Comic-Con, as the filmmakers once again promise us a release that should come right around the same time as Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy. Following reports that the Weinstein Company was planning to heavily edit the movie, director Kyle Newman will be presenting a new cut of the film Thursday evening. Tickets will be handed out to the first 300 people in line at the annual Lucasfilm movie challenge awards.

"Red Sonja"

After 25 years, the Brigitte Nielsen sword-'n'-sorcery cult classic is finally ready to make its return to the big screen. Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez will be in San Diego, along with leading lady , director Douglas Aarniokoski and writer David White. They'll be announcing some major plans Thursday afternoon in conference room 6CDEF, as plans are under way to bring back the one-woman-gang.


Lately, and fantasy films haven't gone well together, whether you're talking about or But director Alex Proyas has earned our trust with films like "Dark City" and "The Crow," and the plot about a teacher burdened by the knowledge of tomorrow's tragedies sounds quite promising. Every year, there's one film that comes of age at Comic-Con. Don't be surprised if "Knowing" builds a lot of buzz during its Thursday unveiling.

"Terminator Salvation"

wants to resurrect another dead franchise, and after "The Dark Knight," we're not ready to doubt the guy. While he won't be in San Diego, his co-stars Moon Bloodgood, , Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin will be, along with filmmaker McG. Their presentation takes place Saturday at 1:15 p.m., and it will be worth attending just to see if they've developed a T-1000-level resistance to questions about James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

"Underworld: Rise of the Lycans"

Will this vampire franchise still be able to suck us in without the help of Len Wiseman (now just a producer), and Scott Speedman? We'll learn a lot over the next few days as director Patrick Tatopoulos addresses the series' loyalists, along with stars Rhona Mitra, Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen. The "Underworld" crew takes the stage Saturday evening, just in time to lull us all into a false sense of security before night falls on San Diego.

The Disney/Pixar Panel

After the thrills of and so many movies before it, no movie lover in his or her right mind could not be curious as to what the geniuses as Pixar have coming down the pike. Directors Chris Williams and Byron Howard will present footage from the upcoming 3-D comedy but the big-ticket item will be a first-ever look at "Up" with director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera. In a festival full of fantasy, we're expecting Pixar to take us further than anyone else.

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