The 'Orphan Black' Creators Sound Off On That Bananas Finale

Leda, meet Castor.

If you haven't seen the finale episode of "Orphan Black" season two, stop reading now – unless you like spoilers!

Last night's "Orphan Black" season two finale went out with an appropriately shocking bang, as any card-carrying member of the Clone Club would've expected.

We had a slew of burning questions going into the episode, but we weren't even close to guessing the big Project Castor twist. EW gleaned all the post-finale details from "Orphan Black" creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson – here are some of our favorite nuggets from the chat.

Ari Millen's (aka: Prolethean Mark) acting skills saved him from death and nabbed him the extended gig.

Fawcett explained, "...Ari Millen is a really talented guy and he’s someone that we had brought in as this new Prolethean character, and we had planned to kill him in episode 6. And after he did some significantly great work for us in the early get-going of the season we started to focus our eyes on him as very strong potential for our male clone, and that’s kind of how that happened."

Millen knew about as much as we did going into the finale.

Fawcett said, "We didn't tell him until the season finale." Manson added, "Yeah, I phoned him before we started rolling on episode 210 and I said, 'Are you sitting down?'"

That clone dance party wasn't as carefree to shoot as it was to watch.

Fawcett said, " took a ton of time to shoot — Helena meeting Cosima, Alison, and Sarah. So you’ve got four girls all together in a room meeting each other for the first time. There’s also Kira in the scene, just to add an extra complication. And then they dance! It took two days to shoot that."

(Watch the video below for how they made that dance party, FYI)

Kira's going to have some competition in the Cute Kid Dept next year: the adorably pigtail-braided clone Charlotte.

Manson said, "Yeah, we’ll see more of her. Like Kira, Charlotte adds to the stakes. She’s an innocent and she is apparently part of the reason that Marian Bowles is putting her neck on the line and throwing her lot in with Sarah and her clones."

Paul's shadowy past remains...shadowy.

Manson said, "Paul has apparently been working with the Castor side of the conspiracy the whole time. He’s been playing double agent. But he steps up for personal reasons to get Sarah out of this. ...I think he was embedded from the beginning. If you go back, this Afghanistan scenario that got him compromised by Dyad and put in that position as a monitor was manufactured to put him in that position where he appeared to be someone that they could compromise. So he was inserted as a spy into Project Leda by Project Castor."

What did you think of the "Orphan Black" season two finale? Let's discuss in the comments!

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