Pusha T On No Malice Turning Down Another Clipse Album: 'That Was Hard'

The Brothers Thornton discussed their individual journeys.

"I came to him and I was like, Man, I got these ideas; I got these beats I want you to check out. And he was like, I'm not doing another Clipse album right now. Wow. That was hard."

Those are some of the first words we hear from Pusha T in CNN's profile of he and his brother, No Malice, on an episode of "CNN Tonight," which aired on Thursday.

The clip remined why we may never see Pusha T and No Malice recording new music together again: They've chosen separate paths.

CNN's Bill Weir headed down to Virginia to speak with both Push and No Mal -- granted, separately -- in their hometown in Virginia. They went to the spots where they grew up, drove around, and spoke candidly about their experiences.

Though Pusha said he would love for Clipse to reunite musically, his brother, with a renewed faith, is no longer comfortable rapping about some of the topics -- like drugs, sex, and violence -- that the Virginia duo came up on. No Malice said hip-hop is "the only genre that eats its babies," before adding that, "they can't invent a dollar amount to get me out there."

In addition to discussions about the future of the group and each guy's separate journey, the 15-minute piece also had some cool anecdotes, like that Pharrell was the one that suggested that they become a group, that they grew up with a pool in the backyard, and the time Kanye rolled up on a scooter saying he was a fan.

Check out the full video above.

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