One Direction's 'Little Things' Shows 'Anarchy Around Them'

Director Vaughan Arnell opens up to MTV News about working with 1D on their still unannounced next music video.

One Direction are only one week away from dropping their sophomore album, [article id="1694876"]Take Me Home[/article]. And having gifted fans with two very different music videos off the release, it seems like they are already hard at work on their next clip.

"I'm working on a third one for the moment with the guys and you're only as good as your last video, as they say," director Vaughan Arnell told MTV News. "So every time it's really exciting to get a new track in. But, yeah, it'd be great to do some more stuff with them."

They threw a massive camp-themed party in the woods for their [article id="1694155"]"Live While We're Young" video[/article] and then they slowed things down and hit the studio for their [article id="1696781"]"Little Things" clip[/article]. Now, Arnell, who directed the two videos, knows what he wants to do with the guys for their next video.

"I think with the next one, we might go slightly more cinematic," he added. "The first one we did outside in a forest, the second one we did was in the studio and it was much more lit and I think in a way it'll be a mixture of the two, so something that's really them and nobody else and only they own."

As for what song off the November 13 album release will get the video treatment, Arnell couldn't say what the track is or what it even sounds like, joking, "I couldn't tell you! I've got an explosive device wrapped around my neck."

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He has been impressed by the guys though. Arnell hadn't met them until they all hit the set for the "Live While We're Young" video and shares that they were really quite easy to work with. "I think they're brilliant to work with and I'm not saying that in a cheesy way," he said. "But they've got so much energy and you can kind of say this is the thing, this is what I want to do. It's kind of all on the spot stuff where they kind of choreograph it with you, make the thing work and they're really good at knowing where the camera is and finding the angles. The guys really inject the energy into it. Nothing's too pre-planned."

And as for their boy band status, Arnell says that while they are a "boy band," they seem to defy the label and redefine what it means to be in a group of that nature. "In a way they're kind of like the next generation of boy bands. I kind of like the anarchy around them. Sometimes when you look at some of the shots in 'Live While We're Young,' when one guy's singing maybe the other guys are just chatting or looking around in the background," he said. "I think they're sort of the next generation, in a way, which I really like and find exciting."

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