7 Times We Wished Gemma From 'Sons Of Anarchy' Was Our Mom

There's no one way to be a mother.

Major spoilers from the December 2 episode of "Sons of Anarchy" lie ahead!

After seven seasons, 137 leather jackets, a brutal gang rape, and one very ill-advised daughter-in-law murder, Gemma Teller (Katey Sagal) finally met Mr. Mayhem on the penultimate episode of "Sons of Anarchy" last night. She was shot to death by her own son, Jax (Charlie Hunnam), in a shocking yet not exactly undeserved moment of matricide that served as a fitting end to her family-first character.

Now, there isn't a "Sons" fan on this earth who will tell you that Gemma didn't deserve it -- she did stab Tara in the head with a giant fork, after all -- but the fact remains that Gemma Teller had some moments of top-notch mothering. Were her methods legal, or considered socially acceptable by society? Of course not! But that's why we love her. Below, the seven times I kind of wished that Gemma would adopt me.

1. When she pulled a gun on her dad's caretaker.


If you hired someone to take care of you and they didn't quite deliver, Gemma would definitely be there to pull a gun on that person. I really need a mom like this.

2. When she threatened her daughter-in-law's boss.


Boss got you down? Don't worry! Gemma will put that corporate stooge in her place, using whatever means necessary -- usually threats of physical violence. (All Sue ever did was tell me to buck up and keep my head down in the office. Not helpful, mom.)

3. When she beat the s--t out of Clay.


True, this ended in Gemma getting horrifically beaten herself. And double true, she was punching Clay for trying to murder Tara, which Gemma later pulled off herself. But there's no denying that her intentions were pure at this particular moment. And wouldn't you want a mom who would beat up her own husband if he threatened your S.O.? Yup, you would.

4. When she kidnapped a federal agent.


Many parents have dealt with the horrifying question, "If my child were to get in trouble with the law, what would I do? Would I try to get them out of it? Would I let my baby go to jail?"

Well, with Gemma the answer has always been clear: kidnap the federal agent responsible for your child's case and hold them at gunpoint.

5. When she owned that parking spot.


When Sue pulls into the Cherry Hill Mall during the holidays and someone steals her parking spot, she just lets it go and moves along with her day. Not cool. Gemma straight up pulled a gun on a b---h for trying to pressure her out of her spot, which is how mothers should be trained to handle these types of situations.

6. When she took on a home-wrecker.


If your dad ever decided to cheat and ruin your perfect family, wouldn't you want your mother to smack his side-piece in the head with a skateboard? Gemma would totally do that!

7. When she pulled the gun on the baby.


Let's be real, that baby had it coming.

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