Justin Bieber's Next Album Inspired By Justin Timberlake

'I'm trying to create a new sound,' Bieber tells MTV News about follow-up to 'My World 2.0', due 'early next year.'

It seems sort of odd to talk about [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist]'s next album, given that his new album -- the holiday-riffic [article id="1672688"]Under the Mistletoe[/article] -- doesn't hit stores until November 1.

But, when MTV News caught up with Bieber this past weekend in Santiago, Chile -- where he was wrapping up his two-year My World Tour in record-setting fashion -- he was more than ready to start discussing [article id="1666424"]the follow-up[/article] to his massive My World 2.0 album, mostly because he's been hard at work on it for a while now, and the finish line is definitely in sight.

"What's happening is: get off this tour, and then my [holiday] album's coming out, so I have to go back out and promote that album ... and then after that ... it's almost time for my next album, so then everything starts over again," Bieber told us. "We've already started [working on it], but we're going to be going in every day and working with new people and trying to find the best sound, because I'm going to be recording different styles, different things until I find a solid 15 songs that I love. ... I'm going to be recording as many songs as I possibly can."

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As for the release date for the new album, Bieber doesn't know specifics just yet, but he promised it'll be out "soon ... early next year." For fans seeking a sneak peek at the next step in his musical evolution, they've only got to check out his recent [article id="1669819"]remix of Drake's "Trust Issues."[/article]

"I loved the song; I thought it was a dope song. I actually cover it in my concert," he said. "I'm going to mature; I'm going to evolve. I don't feel like I'm going to do it too fast or too slow: I'm going to do it at the pace that I feel comfortable doing it."

Of course, that's just one direction he's hoping to head in. Because, first and foremost, Bieber said that on his next album, he's looking to create something entirely new, while still maintaining a connection to his past.

"I'm trying to create a new sound that people aren't really used to hearing, so it might sound weird at first, but it's going to be like when [artist id="1231683"]Justin Timberlake[/artist] did FutureSex/LoveSounds: It was a new sound ... acoustic guitar over hard drums," he explained. "I want to find something that's going to suit me and my fans are going to love and older people will like and younger people will like. But I'm always trying to keep my core fanbase, because the young people are what make everything cool. Old people look to young people, so trying to keep everyone happy."

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