David Lee Roth Explains His Views On Women

Some may have been surprised to hear that former Van Halen frontman, David Lee Roth, was in attendance alongside Meryl Streep, Geraldine Ferraro and Cokie Roberts at a New York affair Wednesday celebrating the release of a documentary about feminist heroines Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

However, Diamond Dave was indeed mingling at the event, according to the Associated Press.

Roth, whose love for scantily clad women with gravity-defying figures has been made known via his videos both with Van Halen and in his solo career, said that his music has always celebrated the female sex.

The singer was quick to differentiate his attitude on women from those of his peers: "Most rock stars hate women," he said. "But women know instinctively that they're included rather than demeaned in what I do.

While feminists ponder that statement, you can check out the documentary Roth, Streep and others were on hand to view: "Not for Ourselves Alone" airs on

Sunday and Monday on PBS. Check local listings for times.

Roth recently extended his friendship to feminists everywhere when he posed with a model known only as "Felicia" at a celebration for his receiving a Diamond Award for what a press release called "his album, '1984.'" "1984," released in, well, 1984, wasn't actually a David Lee Roth release: it was Roth's final full-length album with Van Halen. (The Diamond Award is presented for sales in excess of ten million).

Roth quit the band the following year, in 1985, following the success of his debut solo effort, the "Crazy From The Heat" EP. That album was promoted by a couple of babe-filled videos for "California Girls" and "Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody," which no doubt feminists rejoiced about being included in (rather than demeaned in).

Meanwhile, Roth may be celebrating more than past glories in the near future: it has just been announced that singer Gary Cherone has left Van Halen (see "Gary

Cherone Leaves Van Halen").

No word yet on how the band will proceed from here, but Roth has made no secret of his desire to rejoin the group.