Ken Jeong Brings Laughter And Tears To The MTV Movie Awards

'The Hangover' star delivers a touching acceptance speech for Best WTF Moment.

At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, the evening's most horrifying and most touching moments were provided by the same person: Ken Jeong, the comedian whose star is on the rise thanks to his portrayal of Korean crime boss Mr. Chow in "The Hangover."

Jeong's first memorable moment came when he and fellow "Hangover" star Ed Helms appeared onstage together to perform "Stu's Song," the piano tune played famously by Helms' character in the 2009 comedy. While Helms handled the music, Jeong paraded around the stage wearing a skintight and all-too-revealing leopard-print leotard. Although the performance yielded several laughs from the audience, it also drew the fictionalized ire of Les Grossman, the "Tropic Thunder" movie executive. Eventually, an enraged Grossman -- the alleged producer of the show -- hijacked the performance with a dance number opposite Jennifer Lopez, driving Jeong and Helms off the stage.

But that wasn't the end of Jeong's evening, as the actor later won the Best WTF Moment award for his famous "Hangover" scene where he emerges from the trunk of a car wearing absolutely nothing.

"Me and my penis would love to thank MTV and the voters," the elated Jeong joked. "This is quite an honor."

Jeong went on to thank numerous parties, including his parents and "The Hangover" director Todd Phillips, before turning to a more personal topic: his wife Tran's recent battle with breast cancer.

"Todd and Bradley Cooper, a good friend of mine, actually helped me through a really difficult time when my wife was going through breast cancer treatment," a tearful Jeong told the audience. "The reason why I [appeared in 'The Hangover'] is that she taught me that life is short, so don't be afraid to take chances."

The crowd erupted with applause at the news that Jeong's wife has been cancer-free for two years. Not willing to leave the stage on such a somber note, Jeong slipped into his "Hangover" persona's shoes and flipped off the audience with the character's signature flamboyance: "Thank you, motherf---ers!"

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