The Definitive Ranking Of JTT's Teen Mag Covers

Don't EVEN pretend you didn't buy them all.

If you were a teen in the '90s, you know about JTT. You loved JTT. JTT was probably even your pretend boyf at some point or another.

Between his cutesy cool toolman kid persona on "Home Improvement," his vocal Simba stylings on "The Lion King," and his rain dance routine in "Man of the House," Jonathan Taylor Thomas spent the mid-1990s floating right there on top of the world -- and with his adorable mug covering every teen magazine known to man.

To celebrate his 34th birthday today (Sept. 8), we compiled his best teen mag covers ever to celebrate the wonder that was/is/always will be JTT.

Sometimes JTT had to share the spotlight with other teen dreams.

JTT Tiger Beat 2

Here, he (and his ridiculously perfect mane) made cover pals with Devon Sawa, Andrew Keegan, Brad Renfro and HAYYYYYYYYY Alex Mack a.k.a. Larisa Oleynik!

Even when Leo was around, though, JTT was the star.

JTT 16 Magazine 2

Indisputably on top. JTT4LIFE.

And JTT could not be stopped by bad lighting.

JTT Superteen

Or even being put right next to another swoony blonde with the exact same hair and shirt.

JTT 16 Magazine

He was a complete master of the casual chin touch. (And his half-smirk flirt game was SO on-point.)


Notice whose name was on top of the list, promising not one but TWO must-have posters inside. Yap. JTT.

Tiger Beat was all about his chin-length mane -- even if he was a lion cub at heart.

JTT Tiger Beat


His smile was always the brightest on the boy block.

JTT Teen Beat

Sorry Devon, Rider, Andrew, Brad and the other Jonathans -- JTT was IT.

We were always curious what JTT had in store for us, as this cover so brilliantly observed.


His love of holding puppies is well-documented.

JTT Starflash

He was, literally, the big bopper.

JTT Big Bopper

BONUS: Here's JTT's "Got Milk?" campaign ad which was probably taped to your closet door back in the day and that's OK.

JTT Got Milk

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