Halsey Taps BTS's Suga And Alanis Morissette For Third Studio Album

16 tracks, three guest interludes, and a whole lot of feelings

As diehard fans of Halsey already know, the pop star will be releasing her third studio album, Manic, this coming January. But other than the release date, the album artwork, and of course, her previously released singles, Halsey's fan base has mostly been left in the dark about what they can expect from the "Graveyard" singer's next release. That is, until now.

Earlier today (December 3), Halsey took to social media to share a 20-second video of her scribbling the Manic tracklist down on paper. Not only do we now know that the album will include 16 tracks, but we have confirmation that she's tapped some of the biggest names in the business for the project. Manic will include three guest interludes that we're stoked about, including BTS's Suga, Alanis Morissette, and Dominic Fike (who she recently teamed up with for Fike's "Phone Numbers" music video).

Clearly, we have a lot to look forward to in the new year. In addition to the news that the album will include 16 tracks and three exciting guest features, we couldn't help but notice some very raw and thought-provoking song titles — many of which will likely give listeners a more 360-degree understanding of what it's like to be a pop star with bipolar disorder. Among them are "You Should Be Sad," "I Hate Everybody," and "3 AM." We're also looking forward to the LP's opening track, "Ashley," which seems like it could possibly be a self-portrait of the person that exists underneath all of the fame.

Check out more of the Manic tracklist below, and get ready for the album to drop on January 17, 2020.

Manic tracklist:

1. Ashley

2. Clementine

3. Graveyard

4. You Should Be Sad

5. Forever... (Is a Long Time)

6. Dominic's Interlude

7. I Hate Everybody

8. 3 AM

9. Without Me

10. Finally // Beautiful Stranger

11. Alanis' Interlude

12. Killing Boys

13. Suga's Interlude

14. More

15. Still Learning

16. 929

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