Mac Miller's New Album Has A Title And Release Date

'Good A.M.' is forthcoming, along with a tour.

Less than a week after announcing his album was finished via Twitter, Mac Miller showed up on Hot 97 this morning (August 5) to share the album title and release date.

On September 18, Mac Miller makes his major label debut with Good A.M., along with a corresponding tour that month. Having released his previous albums on the Pittsburgh-based Rostrum Records, Miller inked a $10 million dollar deal with Warner Bros. in October of 2014 to distribute his REMember Music imprint. During the Hot 97 interview he said there was no bad blood between himself and Rostrum in the departure and that he's spent the past two-and-a-half years working diligently on the record. He even recorded nine alternate albums in the process of completing his debut.

Watch Miller's Hot97 Interview:

The tour will be called The Good A.M. Tour and it starts at the end of September. Calling himself a "man of the people," Miller said his focus for the past two-and-a-half years has been "in making classics, the best that I can. Making music the best that I know how to," going on to say, "everyone's like, 'Where you been? Where you been?'— it was just me in this room with the door closed making music."

In the interview, Mac Miller mentions a video for "100 Grandkids," but no said video has surfaced thus far.

For more on the album, Miller offered the following tweets:

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