Travis Scott Gets Into A 'Street Fighter'-Style Brawl With A Robot In 'Highest In The Room'

He also hangs out with a horsefly

Trippy videos are so 2018. So Travis Scott's video for "Highest In The Room," his new single, is downright absurd, realistic, cartoonish, sexy, and creepy. It'll make your skin tingle. Maybe itch. But it's good. The song is built around a tinkling guitar and is a lot simpler and more mellow than a lot of what Scott brings to the table. So, in contrast, it's not hard to believe that "Highest In The Room" is one of the most complex, and unpredictable videos that he's ever had. Think of it as a bunch of puzzle pieces that don't quite fit together. On purpose.

Scott seamlessly blends reality and CGI together as if he were James Cameron when he released Avatar in 2009. In the video, Scott is standing outside on a rainy day in some futuristic city, looking oddly disconnected for some reason. He opens his mouth twice and exposes steam coming from his windpipes to show us that he's, quite literally, the "Highest In The Room." From there, it gets weird(er). Scott slides his head through a sea of other faces (???), gets his mouth full of hooks like a fish, and also gets a metal arm tattooed before fighting a robot, 2D Street Fighter-style. I'm willing to bet that he has a constantly-changing wheel of music video ideas that he spins and throws a dart at multiple times, then pieces together a treatment after that. There's no other explanation for something like this. 

Scott's last album was 2018's AstroworldIn August, he released the documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly, that follows his career thus far.

Watch Scott's wild video for "Highest In The Room" up above.

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