Kim Kardashian Explains Why It Took 'So Long' To Date Kanye West

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the reality star explains why their longtime friendship just recently turned romantic.

Kim Kardashian seems to finally have found her Prince Charming in Kanye West. The two have been parading around Paris, proving along the way that their relationship is not merely a publicity stunt.

Kim is now opening out about her blossoming relationship to Oprah Winfrey in the second part of her Kardashian family interview on "Oprah's Next Chapter." In an excerpt from the upcoming episode, the talk-show host asks Kim if her relationship with Kanye is her new fairytale, a question that immediately makes her blush.

"We met maybe almost a decade ago, I've known him for a really long time, we've been friends for like six or seven years, so it's very comforting to have someone that knows everything about you that respects you, understands, has gone through similar things," Kim said. "I can really relate to his mother passing, he can really relate to my father passing. I mean, there's so many similarities in our life that I feel like I'm at a really happy, good space."

While the two could have started dating a while ago, Kim said she feels that her experiences, namely her divorce from Kris Humphries, were things she had to go through in order to be ready for this relationship.

"I don't know why it took so long for us to kind of get together," Kim said. "But I think I needed to go through all my experiences and some that he's gone through."

In addition to questioning Kim on her relationship, Winfrey also sat down with her sister Khloé and her husband Lamar Odom. The two, who married in 2009 after dating a month, were asked if they feel the pressure from the public to make their marriage work.

"I don't feel the pressure by outsiders," Khloé said. "I'm not someone who is easily influenced by the public. This is my marriage, this is my real life. I feel the pressure from me from myself to be a great wife."

Khloé and Odom have had to deal with their fair share of hardships this past year. After moving from Los Angeles to Dallas for his basketball career, Odom parted ways with the Dallas Mavericks, their reality show "Khloé & Lamar" went on hiatus and there are constant rumors that Khloé is pregnant. But they try not to pay attention to all the gossip.

"I don't get tabloids, I try to not go on blogs, but does it come to me through, of course, our publicists or this or that or my sisters," Khloe said. "Even my grandmother will text me and be like 'You're having twins?' I'm like, 'Not yet, I'm sorry.' "

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