Dr. Deaton Is The Yoda Of Beacon Hills! Check Out The Vet's Best 'Teen Wolf' Moments [Video]


By Natalie Goode-Henry

Well, thanks to a bit of storytelling from Gerard and Peter Hale, the curtain has finally been pulled back on Dr. Deaton, revealing he's not just a vet (despite his pleas to the contrary since the beginning of "Teen Wolf") but moonlights as an emissary to Hale & Friends. Plus, his equally mysterious sister, Ms. Morrell -- known to Stiles as "THE GUIDANCE COUNSELOR" -- is an emissary to Deucalion's band of power-hungry Alphas. Thanksgivings in that house must be interesting! But it's not all that shocking, given the huge trail of breadcrumbs mountain ash that Deaton's left behind. He's been the Yoda to Scott's Luke Skywalker for some time now, keeping him alive, helping him solve problems and generally just being a really awesome boss, so let's take a look back at how Deaton's mentored our favorite moon-howlers. After what he went through last week, we think he deserves some love!

Wolfsbane is tricky business.

We'll never forget Scott's first introduction to wolfsbane. It's a good thing Dr. D was close enough to bring Scott to safety, dig out that bullet and jump-start the healing process. (Yup, totally part of a vet's daily schedule.) Even though Deaton treats cats and dogs 90 percent of the time, Scott's pretty lucky the other 10 percent is dealing with the supernatural.

Mountain ash saves the day!

Behold the power of mountain ash! When then-Alpha Peter Hale was thirsty to dig his fangs into Scott, the oldest trick in the book stopped him dead in his tracks. He learned the hard way you have to respect the doc's office hours.

Mountain ash saves the day, again!

After the group figured out the details of the Kanima, and that someone was controlling Jackson, they had to decide how to proceed: kill him or save him? Choosing a rescue operation, Deaton searched his trusty spice rack and advised that an anesthesia would slow the Kanima down, and sprinkling some mountain ash around the building wouldn't hurt, either.

Mentor a werewolf, save a puppy

Deaton taught Isaac that there was more to his new werewolf abilities than meets the eye, and that being a healer was part of the deal. The absorption of pain can be both a gift and a curse, of course, but we're happy Dr. D showed him in the most adorable way possible: by helping an ailing puppy. Cue the "aww" chorus.

Mountain ash saves the day a third time!

We can all agree that Gerard's "master plan" was a total d**k move, so when Deaton and Scott concocted their own scheme to one-up the hunter's insanity by swapping his cancer pills with capsules full of mountain ash, we were cheering on the genius. That stuff sure does come in handy, eh?

Ice baths and memory-jogging

Thanks, Dr. D, we love a good excuse to get Isaac shirtless. In this case, it was a last resort to restore his memory of Boyd and Erica’s whereabouts. Despite Isaac being nearly dead and having no memory whatsoever of what occurred, it worked. Doc really knows best!

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