Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck' Set Prank Was Subtle And Genius

This bit of trickery was just delicious.

You can't make a movie called "Trainwreck" and expect a completely bump-free ride, now can you?

Director Judd Apatow may have had a pretty smooth experience working with Amy Schumer, the laugh riot screenwriter and star of the comedy pic who earns all the giggles. But he had a little bit of a scare at the start of production, thanks to one quick-witted joke pie she whipped up for him on the second day of shooting.

As Schumer explained to Entertainment Weekly, she, her sister, and co-star Vanessa Bayer pre-ordered some food for carry-out from a nearby restaurant, and when they went to pick it up, they saw Apatow and his producers working over lunch.

Instead of 'fessing up that they'd already gotten their order in and were going to be all-engines-gunning to get through lunch in the allotted 30-minute break window, they seized the opportunity to share a scare and sat down for a pretend drink instead.

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Amy Schumer DRINKNIG

"I already was thinking: they’re really gambling on me — and you never really know what people really are going to be like to work with. So I decided to scare them," Schumer explained to EW.

So she and the girls grabbed a table and a waiter and got busy with hoaxing her helmer.

"I'm like, 'Will you go get us a couple of bottles of wine and just pour it like we're tasting it and deciding on a bottle?'" Schumer said. "We filmed Judd's table with our phones. You could see them mouthing to each other, 'What the f--k is she doing?' They were losing their minds."

She had to. HAD to.

And you gotta respect the gentle comedy ploy here, too, because otherwise it might not have worked. If she went slapstick about it and started, say, chugging pretend vodka or faking an injury, Apatow might not have fallen for it so hard.

But, as always, Schumer's punchline delivery was right on point.

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