Hana Is Lorde, Lana Del Rey And Grimes' New Obsession -- But Who Is She?

Get into it.

The music world loves a mystery -- an artist that emerges from seemingly nowhere with a sound that haunts and lingers. Whether it be The Weeknd, iamamiwhoami, Boots or even Lorde (way back in the olden days when she was just an amazing voice on SoundCloud), the only thing that's better than good music is a good puzzle.

Well, get ready to fall in love anew, denizens of the said world -- our ears got their first glimpse (hear?) of HANA this week, and with a voice that pierces and soars through layers of gorgeous production from Blood Diamonds, I'm pretty sure "HANA" will be a lot easier to Google in the months to come. Check out "Clay" up there.

We did a little digging on the debut musician to feed our -- and, soon, your -- new obsession:

She's touring either touring with Grimes and Lana Del Rey or recording with them...

Grimes shared HANA's debut single this week, also dropping a hint that either a tour or a collaboration is in the works.

She's been chilling with Grimes for a while now...

Here Grimes is tatting it up about a year ago on Hana's Instagram. And do we spot Beyoncé producer Boots' hand?

She has a pretty cute dog that snoozes in vehicular situations...

She wins at Halloween


She chills with Blood Diamonds a lot, too...

We want to steal this T-shirt...

And these boots...

She used to go by Hana Pestle

I scrolled waaaaay back in her Instagram because I am a creeper journalist and it turns out that HANA used to go by Hana Pestle, and she's been making music since she was a teen living in Montana. She's put out a few records under that name, worked with producer/Beck's father David Campbell (Alanis Morissette, Green Day, Michael Jackson) and toured with the likes of Blues Traveler and Collective Soul.

But she's HANA, now, and like Lorde, we're into it

I'll be waiting for new tunes, lady.

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